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About AI

Research Field

Introducing the world’s competitiveness in the field of research at UNIST AIGS(Artificial Intelligence Graduate School)


3 Modern Artificial Intelligence Challenges Solved

  • Overcoming Data Deficiencies
  • Development of General Purpose Artificial Intelligence (AGI)
  • Securing Reliability for Predicting Artificial Intelligence

AI Graduate School on the World's Stage

  • Cooperation in all fields of artificial intelligence
  • Research & education cooperation with leading foreign institutions
  • World's Best AI Study
  • Global AI HR Development

A research on the High Applicability Based on Source Technology

AI + Semiconductor / AI + Manufacturing / AI + Health / AI + Mobility

AI System: Ranked 3rd in S.Korea for paper achievements of the best academic society in the past 10 years*

* Paper performance is based on CS Ranking for the last 10 years

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Introduction :
Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence

The aim of the Graduate school of Artificial Intelligence(AI) at UNIST is to help Students gain in-depth knowledge as well as hands-on experience of AI via its unique learning opportunities aligned with key AI challenges. To achieve this goal, this school offers a student-led customized AI education program with three concentrations: AI theories, AI systems, and AI applications.
The AI theories part focuses on addressing the core challenges of AI such as data efficient AI, reliable AI, and artificial general intelligence; the AI systems part help develop skills essential for making efficient hardware and software systems for next-generation AI applications; and the AI applications part explores applications of AI with possibilities for making real-world Impact in areas such as manufacturing, mobility, and healthcare.