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UNIST AI Graduate School Gallery.

Activating joint research by signing an MOU for industry-academia cooperation with UNIST-LG Electronics!

  • 2020.10.12
▶Event date and time: 2020.07.09.(Thu) 14:00~19:00

▶ Venue: LG Electronics Changwon Plant 1 R&D Center


(UNIST) Around 15 people (President Yong-Hoon Lee, Head of Industry-Academic Cooperation Division, Kwon Soon-Yong, Director of Industry-Academic Cooperation, Lee Myung-in, Chairman Park Young-bin, Chairman of WG (Chun-Sang Yoo, Sam-Hyeok Jung, Ji-Hoon Kim, Kwan-myeong Kim, Kwan-Seop Shin), Group Members (Jae-Sun Lee, Nam-Hoon Kim, Young-Jae Byun, Yeon-Woo Jung) ), Corporate Innovation Team Leader, etc.)

(LG Electronics) A total of 14 people (Dae-Hyun Song, Head of H&A Business Division, Head of Osegi H&A Research Center, Young-Soo Kim, Head of Appliance Research Center, Seung-Myeon Baek, Head of H&A Control Research Center,

Se-dong Jang, Head of Air Solutions Research Center, Do-Yeop Noh, H&A HR Manager, Gyu-Wan Cho, Head of Technology Strategy Dept., Seong-Hwan Lee, Head of H&A Common Technology Research Dept., Head of WG (5 persons), Senior Citizen Lee

Team leader)


▶MOU contents

o Industry-academia joint research: Organize industry-academia cooperation committee and discover and promote industry-academia joint research projects in AI

o Human resource development: Linked to the operation of the UNIST AI graduate course (master's and doctoral programs) for LG Electronics employees

o Talent acquisition: Continued operation of LG Electronics employment and internship programs by selecting UNIST LG Track industry-academia scholarship students